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Virtual Space-Time Travel-World Heritage / Important Cultural Property VR Screening-

This summer, we will take you on an emotional video trip to "experience".

■ [VR Screening] Machu Picchu -Sacred Land of the Sun-
VR visualization of the entire area of the aerial city of Machu Picchu. In reality, you will stroll around the Machu Picchu ruins with realistic images from a perspective that you cannot experience. (Screening time is about 15 minutes)

■ [Special Screening] A guide to the next generation Along with Nana Mizuki's story, during the time spent in Todaira, the true value of Tohei will be superimposed on herself and screened in combination with the video. Nana Mizuki (Niihama Furusato Tourism Ambassador) (Screening time: about 3 minutes) * Not a VR work

■ [VR Screening] The Back of the Wind God and Raijin Figure -The Thoughts Hidden in the Summer and Autumn Grass Map-
This is a work that explores the secrets hidden in the relationship between the front and the back of "Wind God and Thunder God" by Korin Ogata and "Flowering Plants of Summer and Autumn" by Hoitsu Sakai. (Screening time is about 15 minutes)

■ [Special Exhibition] Showa Scenery seen by Hiwasa Hatsutarou A nostalgic Showa landscape photograph taken by Mr. Hiwasa Hatsutarou, who has won prizes in numerous photo contests such as Asahi Camera, is exhibited. Cooperation: Akiko Matsuyama

● Admission is free, but online reservation or numbered ticket is required ●
・ Numbered tickets will be distributed at the Akagane Museum ・ Reservations will start from 7/16 (Sat) ・ Numbered ticket distribution reservations will start ・ If there is a vacancy in the number of reservations, admission on the day is possible

Virtual Space-Time Travel-World Heritage / Important Cultural Property VR Screening-
Holding period
2022/07/30 (Sat)〜2022/08/16 (Tue)
Open time
9: 40-17: 00
Akagane Museum 2F Niihama City Museum of Art Citizen's Gallery
Akagane Museum North-South parking lot free for 3 hours
Akagane Museum Management Group 0897-31-0305
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