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Omoide no Kokoro no Uta Concert in Niihama

The Seto Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Orchestra will hold an “Omoide no Kokoro no Uta Concert”.
Locally-born vocalists and boys and girls choirs will also appear!
Please enjoy \ a performance that resonates with your heart / at the Akagane Museum!

♪ Performance song ♪ Condor flies away Sing Please give me wings Doremi's song Mandarin orange blossom hill ♪ Ruined castle moon Departure on a good day Gardenia flower I am a child of the sea Until the day we meet again ♪ Blue mountain range Yoimatoke's song etc.

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Omoide no Kokoro no Uta Concert in Niihama
Holding period
2023/10/21 (Sat)
Open time
13:00 open 14:00 start
Akagane Museum Multipurpose Hall (Akaganeza)
Akagane Museum north-south parking lot 3 hours free
Ticket 2,000 yen (all seats are unreserved)
Akagane Museum Management Group 0897-31-0305