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"Taihodo Gallery 28th Kichiya Katsura Solo Concert"

[Date] November 24, 2021 (Wednesday)<br> [Daytime section] Starts at 13:00 (Opens at 12:00)<br> [Night section] Starts at 18:00 (Opens at 17:00)<br> * Day and night replacement system (the program is the same day and night)<br><br> 【venue】<br> Akagane Museum Multipurpose Hall [Fee]<br> 2000 yen (advance tickets only limited to 120 seats)<br> [Cast] Kichiya Katsura (2 seats), Geino Tora and Shi (1 seat), Yoshiya &amp; Tora and Shi&#39;s talk corner<br><br> [Advance ticket handling]<br> ■ Pre-sale October 10th (Sun) 9: 00 ~<br> (Only available at Taihodo. Telephone reservations are not possible)<br> ■ General release Saturday, October 23<br> Akagane Museum &amp; Taihodo<br><br> 【inquiry】<br> Akagane Museum Management Group<br> 0897-31-0305<br> Taihodo 0897-41-6752<br><br> For details, please see the Akagane Museum website.

&quot;Taihodo Gallery 28th Kichiya Katsura Solo Concert&quot;
Holding period
2021/11/24 (Wed)
Open time
[Daytime section] 13:00 start (12:00 opening) [Night section] 18:00 start (17:00 opening)
Akagane Museum
Akagane Museum North-South parking lot 3 hours free ticket will be given
2000 yen (advance tickets only limited to 120 seats)
Akagane Museum 0897-31-0305
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