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Besshi/Suiha Hana Highway Cycling 2023

Besshi Suinami Hana Kaido Cycling Tournament “Besshi Suinami Hana Kaido Cycling 2023” is a cycling event where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, interact with local residents, and enjoy local specialties, etc., on the mountain scenery route “Besshi Suinami Hana Kaido” that connects Besshi in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture and Suiha in Shikokuchuo City. It's not a race where you compete for ranking or time, but a fun ride where you follow road traffic laws and manners while enjoying the scenery. The total mileage is about 40km, and the course is designed for intermediate riders. Would you like to run the sightseeing route of Besshi and Suinami with the aim of finishing the race? *Advance entry is required to participate. We are accepting at Sports Entry. Recruitment period: Until September 4, 2023

Besshi/Suiha Hana Highway Cycling 2023
Holding period
2023/10/01 (Sun)
Open time
Besshi / Midoriha Hana Highway
Shimonagase Hydrangea Park Temporary Parking Lot
6000 yen
Besshi/Suiha Hana Highway Cycling Executive Committee Secretariat (0896-28-6187)