Stamp notebook

  • Ehime Prefectural Science Museum

    Ehime Prefectural Science MuseumGET!
  • Minetopia Besshi Hadeba Zone

    Minetopia Besshi Hadeba ZoneGET!
  • Minetopia Besshi Tonaru Zone

    Minetopia Besshi Tonaru ZoneGET!
  • Akagane Museum

    Akagane MuseumGET!
  • Hirose Memorial Museum

    Hirose Memorial MuseumGET!
  • Marine Park Niihama

    Marine Park NiihamaGET!
  • The Forest Park “Yuragi-no-mori”

    The Forest Park “Yuragi-no-mori”GET!
  • Higurashi Villa Memorial Museum

    Higurashi Villa Memorial MuseumGET!
  • Besshi Copper Mine Memorial Hall

    Besshi Copper Mine Memorial HallGET!
  • Come here ☺ Niihama

    Come here ☺ NiihamaGET!
  • forester house

    forester houseGET!

Collect stamps and get special benefits!

If you visit 11 facilities in Niihama City and collect 5 or 9 stamps, you can receive the benefits of your favorite facility. When the following privilege marks are enabled, tap the mark to proceed to the privilege receiving screen.