Akagane Museum

The Niihama Comprehensive Cultural Facility, nicknamed “Akagane Museum” is known for its appearance covered with copper plates evoking copper that once had brought prosperity to the city of Niihama. “Akagane” is another name for copper, which comes from the Besshi Copper Mine and was the foundation for the development of Niihama. The building’s shape is streamlined, likened to Mount Besshi itself, with outer walls covered with copper plates. Inside the museum is the “Niihama Gallery”, where there is a display of a Taiko-dai (drum float) along with a video of the Taiko-festival and introduction to the local culture of Niihama. Putting emphasis on creativity, learning and nurturing, the museum is a place where a variety of people can get together and enjoy many attractions, such as the art gallery at the center, surrounded by the Taiko-dai museum, the 250-seat Akagane-za Hall for drama and musical performances, the Niihama Gallery which introduces the culture and history of Niihama, etc.

Enjoy the museum together with your family!
Name Akagane Museum
Address 2-8-1 Sakai-cho, Niihama City
Tel 0897-31-0305
Opening hours Open: 9:30AM-5:00PM (Akagane-za Hall: -10:00PM)
Holidays Closed: Mondays, year-end and new-year holidays. Open: holidays, the make-up holiday and first Monday of the month. (The next day is closed.)
Fees Permament exhibition Admission Fee: Adult: \300. 65 years and above: \150, Student: FREE
Parking The museum has two toll parking lots (No.1 and No.2 parking lot) for 60 cars inside of the premises. For further information please visit: https://akaganemuseum.jp./access/
Website http://www.akaganemuseum.jp/

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  • スタンプ5個達成5
    100 yen discount from lunch fee of red copper coffee
  • スタンプ9個達成9
    A book by Katsuya Kondo, a Ghibli video artist born in Niihama (equivalent to 1,080 yen) Or, 100 yen discount from the lunch fee of Red Copper Coffee
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