The Forest of Sumitomo (Forester House)

For the 100th anniversary of the forestation plants of Mr. Iba Teigo, then manager of Sumitomo, the forest ecosystem of Sumitomo was established as a model of forestry management in 1993. The Forester House was named after “the person who planted the tree”, or a silviculture technician. In the hall, the history of planting and documents about the forest and the forestry are displayed. There is a memorial square and promenade around the hall, where white birch, cedar and cypress trees have been planted. You can enjoy viewing irises and mountain peonies in season.

The healing spot where you can enjoy nature of every season
Name The Forest of Sumitomo (Forester House)
Address 555-70 Besshi-yama Otsu, Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture
Tel 0897-64-2019
Opening hours 10:00AM~4:00PM
Holidays Closed: Sun. Mon. and December -February (winter season)
Fees free admission
Parking 15 parking spaces

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