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Let's go to school! \Wakurie Exciting Marche/

Fun things are starting to happen at Wakurie Niihama (formerly Wakamiya Elementary School)

There are a lot of food trucks in the playground!
There are also many shops selling popular sweets, drinks, and lovely miscellaneous goods.
Fun workshops and craft experience corners,
There are over 50 stores and lots of events.

The special gift for visitors is the currently popular "candle scooping" event.
Let's scoop up the cute candles floating in this Showa-era retro tub!
*Free for the first 50 customers. Up to 3 candles will be given as gifts.

Special guests include:
Magician Ryo Kurokawa from Niihama will be appearing!
He will be showing us his Tanabata magic for the first time!
"I'm going to see everyone's excited faces!" by Kurokawa

We will have Tanabata bamboo and paper strips prepared at the venue, so please write your wishes on them.
Let's all celebrate Tanabata!
Of course, everyone's favorite Tyrannosaurus will also be coming to play.
(Just between us, but the T-Rex and the others are so hot, you can cool them down with water guns.)

On Sunday, July 7th, head to Wakurie Niihama!
\We are always looking for Tyrannosaurus to come and play on the day/

Let's go to school! \Wakurie Exciting Marche/
Holding period
2024/07/07 (Sun)
Open time
Wakurie Niihama
Within the Wakurie Niihama site
free entrance
Wakurie Niihama 0897-39-6789